Beginnings & Endings



“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings

Like the beginning of this new blog, we always have the opportunity to start afresh.

I often find with people, myself included, in life, when one door closes, we stare at it. For longer periods of time than they should with great hope that it will open again. Even if there is being a perfectly open door right beside it. We see the open door, the chance to move on, but we do not move. Because we are afraid we may lose what was behind the closed door forever. And that frightens us. And we hope every day the door may just re-open and we can have a chance to go back.

We became comfortable with things. Regardless of whether it was good things or bad things, we became comfortable. And as human beings, change is always difficult. The effort required to get off our asses and walk through the new door into the unknown is sometimes too much in the given moment.

But we don’t have to be slaves to our past.

There is no magical moment or perfect time to start things over in any capacity. It starts whenever you want it to. And we can want it at any time and have it at any time.

As soon as you tell yourself ‘I’m moving on!’…you already took the first step; you’re already through the door. You are already strong and capable. At that moment you are deciding to LIVE bravely.

So walk through the door, headstrong into the future. Don’t look back and regret your decision to dive into something new and unknown. Life is all about changes and new beginnings. That is why we are alive! That is why we are here as human beings! Life is an adventure. It’s a book waiting to unveil the next chapter of our lives all the time. Stop reviewing the old chapters over and over and just turn the page forward.

Above all else…do not have doubts about your new beginnings…you see a wise man once said. ‘our doubts are traitors that make us lose the good we often might win by failing to attempt’. Let us not sell ourselves short. We deserve the best life has to offer. Let us take a leap of faith into the new beginnings. And know that the world is just going to keep on spinning around the sun no matter what happens to us. So let’s make the ride an exciting adventure.



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