“We can find a 100 reasons to frown, but we could also find 1000 reasons to smile”
I love people. They fascinate me in so many ways. The idea that each and every person is different, with a variety of ideas, values, morals, opinions, challenges etc. All of us are different, but some things we do the same. Such as the ability to take things for granted until they go wrong. Then the thing we took for granted will become the only thing on our mind, as it has now become a burden upon us.

We as human beings almost automatically shift our focus to things that go wrong because they have a greater impact on us in the present moment. We are never aware of the utility the car provides until we get a flat tire, we are never acknowledging the roof over our head until we get a leaky ceiling and we never recognize the health we have until we fall ill.

Sometimes people take this a step further and we look around our life and focus on the things we don’t have. We look at every empty corner in our life wondering ‘why don’t I have this thing and that person here with me?’ when the truth is our lives are very much full of things to be grateful for.

The fact that you can read this article, understand it and form an opinion on it is a miracle in its own right. The fact that we have access to the internet which is an unlimited source of information and entertainment. We have a roof over our heads, water in our faucets and food in our fridge. We have a bed to sleep and a hot shower to wake up to in the morning. We have cell phones, cars, books, clothes, electricity, ovens, televisions and so on.

How often do we sit back and close our eyes and recognize our body at all. The idea that every moment of every day of our life our heart is beating to keep blood flowing throughout our body, that our lungs let us enjoy each and every breath, that our kidneys and livers and pancreas are working tirelessly to keep us alive. That we have the ability to turn our heads left and right and walk any direction we choose. That we have hands that allow us to manipulate the world around us and a mind to shape our reality and future.

We need to realize that while it is important to show gratitude towards everything in our life, the most valuable possessions we own in life are the things we got for free. Our minds, our bodies, our hopes, our dreams, our ambition, our friends and family. All of these priceless possessions are FREE, and yet we take them for granted. ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. A house can be burnt down but we can rebuild it. A man can lose a fortune but he can earn it again and he can do this several times. But the things we got for nothing, we can NEVER replace.

Researchers have demonstrated that gratitude not only improves physical and mental well being but it can also improve your self esteem. By being grateful we focus on the positive things in our life more than the negative and this leads to a decreased level of anxiety and aggression.

Begin cultivating a habit of gratitude. When we find ourselves bogged down by negativity, take a few moments to close your eyes and consider all the good things in our world at that moment. You will find your negatives being dwarfed by your gratitude. The phenomena to be grateful for in life is limitless, so let your  mind wander on all the wonderful abundance we have in our lives and show some gratitude.

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