Thoughts & Attitudes


“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude towards what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. “

I’ve always believed in the phrase, ‘we become what we think about’, it’s considered to be the strangest secret in the world. The notion that our thoughts and attitudes can literally control our life is a pretentiously large pill to swallow. However I can attest to the truth behind it.

Imagine for a moment a piece of land and its good fertile land. Now I offer you two seeds, one of corn, the other nightshade (a deadly poison). Now the land does not care which seed you plant, it will return just as much wonderful abundance of corn as it will nightshade. ‘As ye sow, so shall ye reap’.
Now the mind, like the land, does not care what you plant. We can choose to plant thoughts of joy, confidence and happiness and that is what we will get in our life. On the other hand we can choose to plant worry, sadness and anxiety and that is what our life will become. The mind does not care what you plant but it WILL return what you plant.

This is guaranteed. Its a law of nature. Like the laws of gravity. It always works. It is inflexible. We need to control our thoughts and attitudes as though we are literally controlling our life. Like putting a smart captain at the helm of a large ship. Without a captain it will wind up a wreck. Put a wise captain behind the wheel, guiding it and we can lead it to anything we desire.

Looking at a practical example when things happen in our life. Major or minor events that are positive or negative can truly be interpreted in any way we want depending on our thoughts and attitude.
We may go through a break up with a companion. We feel alone, hurt, lost, confused and even depressed. However, despite these emotions, our attitude towards the event are entirely in our control. We can choose to be distraught and withdraw from everything. Constantly dwell on the past and cry ourselves to sleep. Blame ourselves for the entire situation and feel bitter and angry towards ourselves for not doing better.


We can be upset but realize that its part of life to feel sad at times. That us feeling sad should not debilitate us. Instead we can choose to let it drive us forward. To realize that people are sometimes not as we thought. To realize the world is bigger than we think and that there are other people out there who are better and worse in different ways. To choose to believe that you are strong enough, confident enough and incredible enough to move forwards, make yourself better and leave your past behind.

Or like Butter’s did in his beautiful sentiment.

You can decide right now on what attitude you want for today & everyday. The simple decision to choose your thoughts and attitude is enough to create a change in your life. Don’t be afraid to think good things of yourself. You are always better than you see yourself and your thoughts should reflect your inner awesome-ness
Personal tale.

Recently I decided to created a mindset of realizing my worth. I would remind myself that I was a confident, charming, strong, passionate man who is better than the majority and has a self worth greater than an entire country. It did not make me cocky or arrogant but it did change the way I walked, the way I talked, the way I conducted my business and the way I set goals and worked towards them. I have the firm belief that anything I set my mind to I can achieve. I am better than most men and that I am an incredible human being, if people cannot recognize that then I don’t need them in my world.
In less time than you think I already starting seeing a shift in the world around me. Minor things no longer got me down, I was more focused on my goals, I had a better attitude towards my work, I had feelings of gratitude toward the smallest things and the negative events of the past no longer made me feel down, but made me want to rise up.

I simply made the decision that I want to be happier, that I deserve it, and it became so.
As it can be with anyone else.

Use your mind.
It’s your most powerful ally in creating a better life.





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