Past & Future

past and future

“…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.”

There are times when we are in a constant battle with the illusionary adversary known as time. There are moments when we become paralyzed in thought over the past, analyzing it with a fine tooth comb attempting to determine the actions we could have done differently in an effort to have created a better present and future for ourselves. We beat ourselves up over the decisions we made, the things we did, the people we met, the things that have happened.

Dreaming of the past is like tying a rope around ourselves and allowing it pull us back into a large ditch.
The past has hurt us. We have been wounded. We have been betrayed by people. We have been humiliated. We have been rejected. We have suffered.

We NEED to forgive those who have hurt us. We need to let go of our past. It is not easy. Forgiveness and letting go requires courage and strength. Not just forgiveness for other but for OURSELVES.
We MUST have enough faith to believe that what is AHEAD of us is greater than what is BEHIND us. Believe that your bad times have NOT come here to stay, it has come PASS.

If we do not forgive, we will always suffer. Because if you remain bitter in your mind, you life will be bitter. If you remain destitute in your mind,  your life will be a wasteland.

An unfortunate truth is that some people see their past as who they are. Their past defines them. It shapes their identity. It determines their future. It controls peoples’ decisions and perspectives. It allows them to project their past onto the present situations and it creates doubts and pain

We cannot allow this.DSC02203

You are NOT your past. YOU are not your ‘life story’. You are NOT the person you used to be. WE are HERE now in the present moment. We can choose to be whoever we want to be right now. 

The past is gone. It is over. It is behind you.
How can we turn to a new chapter in our life if we keep re-reading the last one?
We can choose to either suffer in our history or embrace our DESTINY.

If we want to fully experience and enjoy the second half of our life we need to let go of the first half. We can do this at any point in time. We only need to DECIDE. We as human being can only move in one direction and that is FORWARDS. Life can be like a bicycle, if you don’t keep moving forward you are going to fall off. Just keep peddling.

The other side of spectrum, when we worry about the future, is just as crippling. We have fear towards what is to come which leads to anxiety and worry. Fear is crippling and destroys the joy we can create in the present moment.

Fear itself is non-existent. It is a manifestation of our thoughts which envisions a time that does not yet exist where an event that has not happened causes us great amount of distress in the present moment. Fear allows us to live in the future. We as human beings cannot live in the future. Only the present.

All we can do is take one step at a time. When things happen to us, good or bad, let us experience it fully and then let it go to allow the next beautiful thing to occur. Let us not worry about what is to come. Worrying is not productive in any way and only serves to torture our minds.

My life has had many ups and downs. I tend to place more focus on the downs for some reason. My past experiences with regards to relationships has left me weary of the future people I meet. It had caused my confidence to shatter and it has caused me to think far less of myself than who I truly am.
I have worried also about the future as it is unclear for me. I have ambition but I’m running into mist, uncertain of where I am truly heading.
Recently I learnt that I cannot allow the past to dictate my present. I cannot bring back the past either, but why would I? Do I not deserve better than my past? I learnt I cannot project my past experiences with people onto those individuals I meet in the future because every person and every experience is different. Each experience can be good or bad. But I will not allow myself to be afraid of the future because my past hurt me. Nor will I allow myself to dwell in sorrow in the present moment over the wounds inflicted by those of the past. I respect myself too much to allow something that no longer exists in my reality to affect me negatively. I will not allow a memory, which is truly nothing more than a few brain cells firing biochemicals in my head to affect my mood or ruin my day or life. 

Nor will I allow myself to become crippled with anxiety over the future. I will not waste my time worrying about what is to come. Instead I will use my present moment to improve myself and my mind. I have allowed myself to understand that change is part of life and that the future holds more good than bad. I have created a mind set that is not afraid of the future but rather welcomes it.
I owe myself more than that because I deserve better. Throughout time and history there will never be another man like me. I will never get to be another person nor start my life over again. I will give myself the best possible mindset to create the best possible life for myself because I DESERVE IT. 

Every time we worry about the past and future, we simply hurt ourselves over something that is not happening right now. It HAS already happened or HAS NOT happened yet and may NEVER happen. Respect yourself and love yourself enough to not hurt yourself with your own thoughts.

Take some time to close your eyes and appreciate the current moment. Recognize where you are, where you are sitting, the smell, the feel in the air. Inhale the future and exhale the past. Recognize the things you have overcome to get here. Recognize that the past is behind you and in this moment you are alive and well. The future is arriving every moment and we are embracing it. We are not afraid of the future and we are not connected to the past.
We live NOW and NOW ALONE. The present moment is all we have to work with. Life is shorter than we thing. Let us not waste our time living in the past or future.

You owe it to yourself.
Live in this moment.
Love this moment.



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