The Lighter Side of Things p1



“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Remember when you were a kid, and you just didn’t  care what people thought of you. Saw an ant, you ate it. Saw some mud, you jumped in it. Get a toy car, drive it on every single surface you can find in the house.

I remember owning a super bouncy ball and II used to toss it as hard as I could around the house and be mesmerized by its movements and patterns. Of course when I got to the kitchen I was mesmerized by the hiding my mom gave me for bouncing my ball in the kitchen :/.

You get the point. In our youth, our curiosity was endless and we truly followed our own beat. We did what we wanted to without second thoughts. We had fun in our own ways. We enjoyed odd and different things and nobody gave us any grief for it.

This changed over time when we came face to face with <insert ominous music> conformity.

Conformity. The greatest enemy of man (After child proof medicine bottles of course). It robs a man of his mind, his identity and his very existence. Conformity turns man into everyone else. He becomes just another number in the consensus. It makes man suppress his innate uniqueness and weirdness. Society has taught him that if he acts in a certain specified way he will come under no scrutiny and no judgement. If he were to indulge and discuss what he truly   enjoys, he may be branded as “strange” or “weird”.

Well recently I’ve discovered that WEIRD is an acronym.

W – Wonderful
E – Exciting 
I – Interesting
R – Real
D – Different

The truth is, you are not designed to ‘fit in’. You were created to stand out. Everybody was actually. Many would not care to admit it, but the reality is that everybody is a little odd. With strange traits and characteristics. Suppressing who you are, does not do the world any favors, it simply deprives the world by seeing the real you. It stops them from learning from you. It stops them from thinking or seeing things differently. But most importantly, it keeps the world around you afraid to show their true selves.

It is time for us to embrace our uniqueness, our thoughts, our desires, our ideas and our individuality. What makes you stand out is not a disadvantage. It allows you to be remembered, it allows you to create interesting experiences, it allows you to be happy, it allows you to be FREE. Free of conformity. Free of expectations. Free of people who don’t care about the real you and therefore need to be dropped like a mic after a rap battle. You owe it yourself. You deserve to let your light shine out onto the world.

So lets take an oath together.
From this day, I will make a sincere effort to be myself more regularly. I will say yes to things  I want, and no to things I don’t want. I will not be pressured into thinking or feeling certain things because of the world around me. I will not shy away from myself. I am awesome as I am.





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