The Value of Time

It is man’s most valuable commodity. A commodity that cannot be replenished as it constantly passes us. We cannot save it, or accumulate it. We are constantly moving forward, constantly aging, constantly experiencing life as it unfolds to us. It will heal all of our wounds. It will allow us to gain knowledge and wisdom. … More The Value of Time

Your Worth

Why do I struggle to look in the mirror and appreciate the man staring back into my eyes? Why do I worry what people will think of me when I talk the way I do, walk the way I do and do things the way I do? Why do I sometimes feel I can’t attract somebody? … More Your Worth

Thoughts of Atlas P2

“Sometimes we must surrender before we can win” I loathe it. When I cannot be in control of things. When others make decisions for me. When I simply have to follow orders without question. Or I get pushed around by fate without consent. Maybe its an attitude thing? Maybe it’s poor thoughts? Maybe its the idea that … More Thoughts of Atlas P2