Thoughts of Atlas P2


“Sometimes we must surrender before we can win”

I loathe it. When I cannot be in control of things. When others make decisions for me. When I simply have to follow orders without question. Or I get pushed around by fate without consent.

Maybe its an attitude thing? Maybe it’s poor thoughts? Maybe its the idea that I cannot handle large changes?
None-the-less its been a vice of mine for a long time.
A vice compounded by the notion that big changes may be around the corner. Big changes that are not particular part of my plans.

Big changes are never easy. Especially when its out of our control.
Are you willing tLet-Go-Pictureo give up control and let the world take over? I’m certainly not. Perhaps I never will be. That sense of control is what gives me security. My dreams and ambitions are important to me. So is my comfort and security. I cannot simply let the wind blow me in which way it chooses. Would a man get behind the wheel of a car, not keep both hands firmly on the wheel, and allow it go its own way? If he did, he would find himself on the front page entitled “foolish driver finds himself in ditch!”.

Maybe I’m choosing the wrong perspective….Maybe we all do.

Perhaps we have more control than we think.
That 80/20 principal.
Your life is divided into things that happen to you (20%) and the rest is how you react to it (80%).
That 20% feels massive at times. But really considering it…the ratio is completely. Our life is no movie, exciting events are not happening on a daily basis. Usually when we want something to happen we have to get off our ass and make it happen or it never will. When things do happen spontaneously it truly on comprises of 20% of our life.
Normally when these events occur we react based on our emotions. I believe this is fine. We should take the time to feel. To emote. To fully experience what has happened.
The tricky part is realizing and ACCEPTING what has happened was out of our control. Realizing that we need to let go of what has happened, and focus on what comes next instead of being stuck in the past.
Understanding that need to give up control of that 20% and look towards the 80%. The part we CAN control.

That 80% forms our attitude, thoughts, hopes, dreams and ambitions.
Once we hPhoto of glad girl in colorful dress enjoying life in wheat meadow in summerave mastered this 80%, nothing in the 20% can be sufficient enough to stop us moving forward.

With giving up control, we open ourselves to big changes.  We open ourselves to the worlds plans for us. Remember, our attitude shapes the world’s attitude toward us and our thoughts shape our reality. The 20% that occurs to you could be a direct response to your thoughts and attitude. The world is guiding you to where you need to be. We need to trust the world and trust that we are strong enough to handle anything that comes our way. It would not come our way if we could not handle it. Giving up this control requires bravery. The ability to be afraid but still take a step into the unknown. A step that is filled with hope and faith rather than despair and fear. I believe we are all capable of this whether  we know it or not. Have some more faith in your abilities and believe that more good will arrive than bad and you will find it become a reality. Remember, our life’s challenges are responsible for molding us into the person we are meant to be

Always remember “you don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step.”, and believe when I say, the architect of the universe did not build a staircase leading nowhere.

So maybe…being able to let go…is actually being in control. 

letting-go (1)


One thought on “Thoughts of Atlas P2

  1. most important things in life is learning how to let go and even though it may seem hard it will allow…us to live without the fear of controlling every aspect of your lives and with ease… Looking foward to what the universe… Or the world gives us… Then we can open up your souls, our bodies, our hearts… To a world of endless possibilities… To a world where we are not limited… To a world…of adventure… Thank you for your amazing perspective …. You are brilliant!!!! Keep it up

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