Your Worth


Why do I struggle to look in the mirror and appreciate the man staring back into my eyes?

Why do I worry what people will think of me when I talk the way I do, walk the way I do and do things the way I do?

Why do I sometimes feel I can’t attract somebody?
That I’m not attractive enough? Not successful enough? Not smart enough? 

Why do I see more flaws than virtues in my soul? 
Why…do I not see my worth?


Do you know what the chances were of you being born?
The odds were stacked against you from the beginning.
The odds of you being born was approximately 1 in 102685000

Those odds are equivalent to  2 million people meeting up at a party, each with a TRILLION sided dice. They each roll their dice and every single one of them land on the same number.
The possibility is almost non existent.

This alone makes you a valuable and rare commodity.
Yet there are many moments where we forget this and thus forget our worth.

But why do we feel a ‘low worth’ at times?
I’ve thought of a few reasons..


In the world we live in it is almost impossible not to make comparisons.
We are bombarded with billboards, TV shows, movies, music, magazines, social media and more on the ways we should look, walk, talk, act, things we should do etc.
They show us whats trending, people having fun, meeting people, getting successful and more.
Social media which shows off our friends at their highest moments makes us wonder why our lives are so boring. Why we are not as beautiful. Why we do not have a romantic partner. Social media is cruel sometimes…
Comparing yourself to others is sadly the largest insult you can give to yourself. The idea that you are not the same as the next personcompetition is a slap in the face to your individuality. You have flaws yes. You also have virtues that nobody else has in the same capacity as you. Just like the next man or woman. Nobody is perfect even if they appear to be. We all fight our own demons.
You are you and are never meant to be anybody else or even be like somebody else.
Be the first rate version of you rather than the 2nd rate version of somebody else.
Its time to start comparing yourself to the only person that matters and that person is the PAST VERSION OF YOURSELF.
Work on making yourself better compared to yourself because that where true nobility lies. Improve yourself on your standards, your scale, your pace. Nobody elses. You are unique. You have things to offer than nobody else on earth has. Nobody will ever be like you. Throughout time, past and future there will NEVER be another you. So be the best YOU that you can be. Don’t compare yourself to the masses. You are no sheep! Follow your heart and be who you are meant to be.


When an elephant is being trained as an infant it is tied by its leg to a large post so it cannot walk away. Struggle as it may it cannot pull away. As it grows up the strength of the rope and the post has not gotten stronger but the elephant has grown at least ten times larger. At full size it will be attached to the post and will not move a muscle believing that it is impossible to move even though just one step forward is enough to free him of his bonds.
People work the same way. We have the idea that there are some things that are simply out of our reach. Out of our capabilities. Maybe somebody told us we cannot do it. Hell, maybe we told ourselves.
Limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving greatness within ourselves. We have conditioned our minds to think that certain
things are impossible. There was a time when landing on the moon, flying through the air, talking to a man half way around thlimitationse world, transplanting hearts and building towers higher than the eye can see were only in the imaginations in the minds of men and women. All of those things were achieved in our life time. I’m not saying we need to go out and cure cancer or build the next apple computer and call is PEAR (Unless you are so inclined). But the fact I want you to understand is that all these ideas were considered impossible. No more or less impossible than what you want to achieve. A man can achieve anything he dreams of if he will willing to pay the price and use his mind the right way.
In today’s world the only thing we are limited by is how high we can dream.
You are more capable than you think. The notion that you are alive right now reading this, having been able to survive your entire life up until this point through all your hardships and suffering and still be alive and smiling today is a miracle in its own right. Why on earth would you let a few bio-chemicals in your brain stop from achieving your own personal immortality.

3) External Validation

We sometimes look towards the world for our worth. For compliments, for likes, for approval. We we get rejected, or fail, or lose something it causes our self worth to spiral downwards because we attached our worth to it. Instead of looking within in to who we know we truly are. We tend to accept what people tell us and do to us as what we are worth. A man’s words are only words. Simply sounds waves emanating from their mouth and hitting your ear drums. Nothing more. How can you allow them to lower your wortvalueh.
The only thing that should alter your value is YOURSELF. Nobody and nothing else should ever have the power the validate your worth. You are your own person, walking your own path. Nobody knows the inner workings of your mind like you do. We all have insecurities. We all want people to like us. But we CANNOT allow the opinions of others to affect your self worth.
Your self worth is not tied to one man’s opinion.
Your self worth cannot be tied to how many likes your receive on Facebook.
Don’t change yourself just to fit in with the rest. You have everything you need inside yourself. You need to tell yourself that you are amazing, beautiful, smart, witty and in control. AND IT IS TRUE because ONLY your opinion of yourself really matters. Don’t attach your worth to anything except yourself. Don’t take failure personally, don’t take rejection personally. If somebody can’t see your worth, then they are blind.
Find the validation within, its the permanent source of self worth you have.

4.) The Past 


Many of us have painful pasts. Things that have happened to us that has caused us suffering. Things we have done that we regret. Moments that when we remember them, we feel we should not even be alive. We have somehow connected these moments in our history to our present selves and it has impacted our worth. We believe because of our past we are not good enough. We have too much ‘baggage’ to delet-go-of-the-past-quotes-amazing-background-with-letting-go-of-the-past-quotes-your-past-is-just-a-story-we-1024x743
serve good things.
This could not be further from he truth.
We are NOT our stories. We are NOT our past. We may have bad memories but that is JUST what they are. Memories. Memo
ries that only exist in our mind. Memories that may be holding us back We don’t need a new year or a large event to move on from the past. We can choose to leave it behind us anytime we desire. Our past does not determine who we are not right now. We determine who we are and our worth every moment we breathe. Choose to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and forgive those who have wronged you. Know that nothing in your past is great enough to lower your worth.


Always remember your worth is only connected to your mind. Your thoughts and attitudes control your life. You have more worth than you think. Every one of us. Lets look at ourselves and realize our inner awesome-ness. That we are a unique creation and deserve amazing things. Embrace yourself. Be kind to yourself. Work hard on yourself. 
Remember that greatness is not a gene only given to select few individuals. We all have it within us. All you have to do…is look.




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