“Loneliness is the ultimate poverty”

Having recently moved to a new town for work purposes. (A tiny town mind you…like 10 minutes of driving and you’ve seen the whole town…twice). That feeling of loneliness and isolation due to the idea of having no friends or family around you. That empty, hollow feeling inside of being cut off from the world can be crippling for some people.

Social media has suddenly become your worst enemy due to the idea of seeing all your friends highlights while you dwell in your low lights only exacerbates the feelings of being alone.
Keep in mind being alone and loneliness are two different things. Anybody can be alone. It can be a conscious decision to spend time by yourself. However, when we are alone and feel sad about it, then it become loneliness and then it becomes emotionally painful for us.

The feelings of loneliness can occur anywhere really. In our own homes even. The notion of being on our own, that nobody cares or misses us is discomforting. We are social creatures and some of us have become reliant on people to keep us emotionally fulfilled. We become easily disappointed when when they cancel plans or forget to call. Our joy has become linked to them.
When we finquote-Anne-Hathaway-loneliness-is-my-least-favorite-thing-about-88677d ourselves alone we create any effort to find a distraction simply so that we can avoid the thoughts of our own mind.  We are not in tune with ourselves. Our thoughts frighten us because they remind us of our predicament of being alone. They are self destructive. They tell us ‘we don’t fit in, we are alone, we are strange, we don’t BELONG!’ Just as you would never tolerate these words coming out of somebody elses mouth, why would we allow ourselves to accept it from our own mind?
Never allow that critical inner voice to ever take control of you. You are stronger than that.

We cannot control people, only ourselves. When you have feelings of loneliness in your heart, accept it, say it to yourself and acknowledge it. And take steps towards rectifying it. GET ACTIVE!
We feel alone but the truth is that we are all connected in more ways than you think. Find the connections.
Also, realize that loneliness is just a feeling and NOT a fact. Take the attention off yourself and find ways to help more people. Bring happiness to the lives of others and you will never feel sad or lonely again. Small acts of generosity can create more joy in our heart than you think. Take some time to yourself and do things that improve your life. Go out on a solo date and enjoy the company of yourself, read good books, go for a run, cook something spectacular, grab your camera and take photos of the world around you, write in a journal, watch some TED talks, if you are religiously inclined then find ways to get closer to Allah, God (whoever), read some blogs, clean up your space around you, get rid of your junk, listen to awesome music and dance your butt off, find people who also feel alone and make them feel wanted in the world or create something new and beautiful for the world and yourself and most importantly, SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF AND FOCUS ON ACHIEVING THEM.

You are not alone in your emotions, never. In a world filled with billions of people of different races, cultures, religions, ideals, values and morals. The idea of feeling loneliness in a world this rich with people seems almost implausible. We don’t need to entertain the idea that we have nobody that loves you or that the world has forgotten you or that nobody takes a few moments everyday to remember you because its untrue.
If we miss certain people, we can always send them an email, text, phone them or visit them if possible. If we feel we miss somebody who used to be part of our lives and are no longer in it, creating feelings of loneliness, speaking to an understanding friend can uplift our spirit. loneliness-quotes-images-for-facebook-5-1cbbaf35Never be afraid to express your feelings. Our feelings are what make us human, and one can never be ashamed for being human. Write about it if you have to as long as you can express those feelings in a suitable manner and not let it weigh down on our hearts.

There is an entire world out there, we can choose to stop feeling loneliness. Just step outside and experience the world. The earth around you, the wind, the grass, the air, the buildings, smile at the people that pass by and embrace your life and presence on this earth. You are here for a reason. You woke up today for a reason. You’ve got things to do. Create yourself into a better man or women. Always be improving. Never give up on yourself. Do not your emotions stop you. Do not let your mind, who is telling you falsehoods prevent you from driving forward. and if you feel nobody cares you, I DO!! or else I would not be writing this for your eyes to read. Go easy on yourself and LOVE yourself, just like people in your life do.  You are not alone. Not ever.


“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”

Always work at making yourself the best you can be and you will never feel alone again.



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