“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”

I wake up in a different bed, in a different town, driving different roads, going to a different place of work, to see different people, to come home and do things I have never had to do before.
I have different thoughts, responsibilities, worries and joys.
I have stepped out of my comfort zone.

My life has changed.

Change is one of those things that people do not usually like. Whether it be with a city’s government, with changing homes, changing jobs, people around them changing or even being forced to change themselves.
It is not something we actively seek out on a regular basis. Instead, we tend to find routines and comfort within our routines. We want security and stability.
When something shakes up the norm, we sometimes feel discomfort and levels of resistance towards it.

Change can come into our life by unfortunate events, chance or by choice.
People usually avoid change because they are afraid of the risks and the ‘unknown’ attached to the change.
Without change though, we become stagnated and lost within the world because we are still stuck in our routines and current situations.

Change however, should not be something to fear. Sometimes the world hates change, but change is the only thing in the world that has brought progress.
If nothing had changed in the world, we would still be living without electricity and running water (huh? sounds like my new town).
Change should be embraced. By embracing change, we are embracing life. And he who embraces life will find that life embraces him. No change is good or bad but thinking makes it so.  Stop looking at change as obligation, but rather as an opportunity. If ever given the choice, always choose to change and make things better before you are forced to.we_cannot_become_want_to_be
I recall my personal biggest change came when I was at the lowest point in my life. I firmly believe that at that point, man is capable of his greatest change. However, we need not wait for that moment to arrive. We have a choice to change at any point we desire in any way we desire.

We should take the time to reflect on our lives and contemplate on what is important to us and what is not. We need to create changes to institute a balance in our life so that we can focus on the important things. Be it following our passions, studying towards a better future, meeting new people etc.

Sometimes we need to face our fears of changing and overcome the challenges the world has laid out for us. We will need have some faith in ourselves. Believe that you are capable of change. Believe that you are able to do more than you think you can. Believe that no challenge is great enough to beat you! Always remember that challenges is what makes life interesting, overcoming them…is what makes life meaningful.
You would be surprised what man can do when he sets his mind to it (trust me, I just cooked a good fillet chicken and last week I burnt a hole in my table cloth).
Give yourself some time to adjust but have faith in yourself and your ability to adapt.

Keep in mind that because the world is constantly changing, your life will not be the same forever. It is a guarantee. Because of the constant change everything is temporary.changing your life So when things are going well, enjoy it to the fullest, when things are bad, remember that ‘this too shall pass’ and that this is only temporary. There will be always be something different around the corner and sometimes the ‘something different’ is only good or bad because we decided it to be that way. As always, our thoughts control our life and we become what we think about. We can choose to change our perspective in so doing, we can shape our reality.


So my personal plea to you, when faced with change, do not resist. Change will allow you to grow and each new change will bring about new lessons for you to learn. Change can lead to improvements in your life that may be necessary to allow you to grow. Change can lead to new opportunities which may lead us to something we never knew we needed in our life. And most importantly, change can bring about new beginnings which can sometimes be the best thing for the soul and mind.

Be brave and embrace change into your life. Sometimes it may be exactly what we need.

change quote




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