Thoughts of Atlas P4 : People

We hardly even notice them sometimes.
 They become part of the background.
They tend to inhabit only your peripheral vision.

Human beings, according to my beliefs, are the greatest and most perfect creation put in this world. Among all the galaxies, stars, oceans, animals, flowers, sun and moon, human beings are created perfectly. Each cell in the human body working together to form the heart, the lungs, the intestines, the eyes, the tongue, the mind, the conscious and subconscious. Each person consisting of the same structure but yet everyone of them is different. Each one is a unique specimen that nobody from the past or the future will be exactly the same.

Each human being is literally one of a kind in the universe that can never be replaced.

Have you taken the time to notice that?
Notice that every single man and woman on Earth is walking his/her path as an individual? That each person has ideas, ambitions and perspectives that are different to every single person walking next to them?

I find that people become who they are based on their own life experiences and the environment exposed to them. I love finding out what makes people tick. I love discovering their hopes and dreams. I love to hear their life stories and extract as much perspective and knowledge as I can from a person. Sometimes I learn the person has a beautiful soul and has a lot to teach me about myself and life. Sometimes I discover the person is unappealing due to them having radical ideals and unjust opinions. However, that is merely my own values and morals being projected onto the person. There is nothing wrong with it in anyway and I am free to choose which people I wish to keep in my life and which I don’t. I’ve learnt that some people are worth keeping and some are worth letting go of. The difficult part is realizing the difference between the two. A good rule of thumb would be “if the pain of holding on is worse than the pain of letting go, then it is better to let go”.

All those years ago I remember, when I was in one of my lowest moments. When I felt so much pain and disappointment, I had to learn to become stronger than I was. I do not want anybody to have their minds’ destroy them the way it destroyed me. I learnt to be better but maybe some people don’t know the right way to go about it. That is one of the reasons I set up this blog.

Almost everything I have learnt in life has usually come from the advice of people who have experienced the same things I have and learnt to overcome their challenges. People are amazing because we only see their exterior and cannot possibly imagine the inner workings of their mind and soul. We cannot predict their experiences and perspectives. We cannot tell their ideals, morals, values, ideas, ambitions, dreams, fears, strengths etc just by looking at how they walk. Each and everyone are unique and filled with knowledge that we can take from them. Each person has something that they can teach us. Each has something that can make feel a certain way that perhaps nobody else can.  Each of them has the potential to completely change our lives for the better.

Unfortunately, we are blindsided by ourselves. We make assumptions about people. The human mind is rather skilled at filling in the blanks of things in the world. We can listen to a few seconds of music and know what sort of song it is. We can watch a few moments of a television show and know what genre it is.  We are adept at filling in the blanks based on our previous experiences and thus are able to make reasonably good predictions about the world around us.
THE PROBLEM arises once we do this with PEOPLE.

People are not the same in that respect. We cannot compare our past experiences with the people in our present or new people we meet. Everyone has different ideals and ways of thinking.
They are their OWN person.
To compare them to people from your past or to a certain negative or positive ideal is unjustifiable. It belittles that person’s individuality. It robs them of their very essence of being a human. Their unique nature cannot be overlooked due to you looking for the patterns you think will emerge.


People have also provided me with a great source of happiness. I have discovered that in order to create happiness in my own life, I must first give it to others.
In that regard we receive what we give.
If we give happiness to others, we will receive happiness. If we give others love, we will receive love. If we give others grief, we will only receive grief in the end.
We cannot GAIN something without GIVING first. It would like asking a fireplace to first give me fire and THEN I’ll add the wood.
We will always receive what we put out and this does NOT ONLY entail how we treat people. As I have claimed before, our thoughts are more powerful than we think and can literally change us for better or worse depending on what they are. The more positive and uplifting our thoughts, the better our lives will become and of course the reverse is also true.
I have determined that whenever I feel down or alone or disappointed or angry, I seek others who feel the same or even worse and attempt to uplift them in any way I can. Even if it just a simple message to a friend to make them smile (NOTE: I don’t ONLY do this when I’m feeling down ;)).
Helping others allows meThe-strongest-people-make-time-to-help-others to take my mind off myself and put the focus on people who maybe need it more than I do. People are a gift to the world in that way. It gives me perspective on my own battles that I’m going through knowing that I am not the only one who is fighting inner monsters. It gives new sense to the meaning “If everyone in the world threw all their problems into a pile, we would be running back to grab ours”. I feel that people have become afraid to acknowledge pain in our lives. We AVOID it as far as possible. Some people drown it out with drugs, alcohol, over eating, pornography whatever they can do to numb their emotions.  They do not realize that pain is not a BAD thing sometimes.  Pain allows us to grow and become stronger than we were before. Acknowledge when you are in pain and feel what you have to feel. But remember not to be consumed by it and allow it pass as you move forward from it. The Creator would not give you problems that YOU could not overcome. Be thankful that they came to you so that you may learn to overcome them, to become stronger, to be moulded into the man or woman you are meant to be. You may also use your gained knowledge to help others in this world with their troubles as well. If you have a knowledge that can help people then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to share it with the world to make a difference in whatever way you can. Do not think for one moment that the big problems of this world are not your responsibility to solve. We can all make a difference.

This ideal gives me a sense of purpose in this way, a reason to live. I discovered that helping people is indeed my passion in life.

I therefore urge you….to find more ways to connect with the people around you. I do not mean to make hundreds of dates on tinder (unless you are so inclined ;)). I’m referring more to people you may not normally connect with. Seek out the lost souls in the world. The ones who look alone, the ones who are in need of comfort, the ones who need a listening ear, the ones who need people in their life.
You are there. You can be of aid. You can change their life for the better. It can be your own personal super power to pull someone out of the darkness and bring them some light.
Besides…. a candle sharing its flame does not diminish its light at all. It only spreads it.

This world is inhabited by some 7 billion people at this point. Do not feel lost and alone. Connect with those around you in any way. We have so many ways to connect to people via our cell phones, computers, letter writing down the simplest method just walking up to someone and saying hello. A “hello” is the only thing separating two hu118567-Help+quote+of+the+day+there+isman being from each other.
I also recommend checking out websites like A stunning website which allows you to connect to people all over the planet and offer a listening ear to people who really need it.
I encourage you to smile more at people, talk to more people, be more helpful, be kind, and spread your light like wildfire for the world to enjoy. Do not keep yourself hidden from the world. The world needs you or else you would not be here today.  Do not make assumptions about people. Do not categorize or stereotype. Everybody is different. Everybody has greatness inside them and SO DO YOU!!!!

The people of the world are waiting for you….jump in and leave your mark.




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