The Power of Our Thoughts: ‘The Strangest Secret in the World’

Our thoughts lead to words
Our words lead to actions
Our actions lead to habits
Our habits lead to character 
Our character lead to our destiny

“Everyone of us is the sum total of his own thoughts”

We are all searching for the same things in life. Happiness and success. My idea of happiness is not that it is something you can achieve… or buy but rather it is a STATE OF MIND!
Yes, getting lovely things in your life can make you happy….for a while. Until the next thing nasty comes up and then you are not happy again. It will always be something else you need before you are happy again.

Life after all is the journey, not the destination.

The most valuable possession we have as human beings, is what we keep inside our head.
We cannot buy it, we cannot replace it. It is the greatest and most powerful gift we are born with. It has the power to control the billions of different functions inside our body without us even realizing it. It stores our knowledge, memories, emotions, dreams, values, morals and has the ability to alter them at any given moment.
It has the power to make us and the power to destroy us.
It has the power to create rthoughts-3ealities and destroy them.
It is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal.

The problem is…we take it for granted…and thus we simply don’t think.

So what is so special about our minds exactly?

I first learnt it from Earl Nightingale. He claims it to be ‘the strangest secret in the world’ due to men having the tool that can change their life literally inside them but yet they don’t use it.

The idea that ‘man becomes what he thinks about’.

The simplest explanation of this phenomenon is to imagine your mind as a piece of fertile land. You have two seeds, one of corn and one of nightshade, a deadly poison. Now the mind like the land does not care what you plant but it will most certainly return what you plant. You will receive just as much wonderful abundance of corn as you would nightshade.
Now the mind like the land is even mthoughts 6.jpgore fertile and receptive to what you plant in it. If you plants the seeds of success or positive thoughts you will receive success and pleasant abundance in your life. Conversely if you plant seeds of doubt, worry, fear and confusion then that is what your life will become.
And lastly, if a man thinks about nothing….he becomes nothing.

Now this idea is not just a theory, it is a law of nature, like the laws of gravity, if you jump off a building you will always go down, you will never go up. Just like the mind is able to determine what you become based on your thoughts. In simplest terms, if you think in positive terms you will receive positive results. If you think in negative terms, you will receive negative results.

Consider the thoughts that you have on a daily basis. Is it littered with fear, anxiety, confusion, self-criticism and self-defeating thoughts? Would you ever speak to a friend or loved-one the way you speak to yourself sometimes?
If a majority of your thoughts are negative over a long period of time, it makes sense to say that you are not happy in your life. That things are not going your way.
The habits in your mind therefore, are not ideal and not serving in any way. And as we know, we become what we think about and thus our thoughts create the reality around us.

Think of things such as the placebo effect. Where sick people are healed through the power of sugar pills simply because their thoughts tell them over and over with the firm belief that they are going to get healthy. Science has discovered the reverse of this is also true. The nocebo effect, is caused when an individual constantly thinks there is something wrong with him/her in a health sense. This is what causes health issues in most hypochondriacs.
The reality that your mind has power is right in front of us.

But then why don’t people use their minds more?

Simply put, we place very little value on it. Things that we pay money for, we value. But the things we get for free in life we do not value. ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’. Things like money, houses, cars etc. come and go in life. They can be lost and replaced at any given time. But the things we got for nothing in this world, we can NEVER replace.

If you are able to take control of your thoughts. Only think about what you permit it to think about. Then you can create a HABIT of having positive thoughts and thus allow yourself to be in a state of happiness and find yourself filled with the abundance that life has to offer you.

Now you may be wondering two things…

1) What should I be thinking about exactly?

2) How can I gain control of my thoughts?

I believe there are two things the majority of thoughts a person has should be. Namely, his/her goals and the type of person he/she wants to be.

I mentioned earlier that most people on earth want happiness and success. I explained my idea of happiness.

The idea of success comes from the mouth of Earl Nightingale. ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”.

So what does this mean?

Simply stated, a man who is working towards (progressively realizing), a goal or ambition in life (a worthy ideal), is a success. A successful man is anyone who is working towards a predetermined goal or has achieved something because that’s what he wanted to do deliberately. The successful people are the people who become a Nobel Prize winner, or the owner of a hat store because that is what he wanted to do, to become a loving wife and mother or to become a good person.

A man who does not do this is a failure.

The notion of us setting goals is fundamental to our lives having success. It gives our lives meaning. It gives us purpose, it gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. A reason to LIVE.

Do not be afraid to push yourself into thinking of largely impressive goals for yourself to achieve. Let your mind soar at the possibilities. Smash through the barriers of your limiting beliefs and know that the sky is the limit for you.

But while thinking about achieving them, also make sure you put in the effort towards it. Purpose without action will get you no-where. In other words you cannot get something without paying the price. “that’s like saying to the stove..give me heat AND then I’ll add the wood”. In order to get results you must take action. After all, if your mind is mainly occupied with thoughts of achieving this goal, it stands to reason you would want to put action into it as to make your goal a reality.

Think about your goal in a relaxed, POSITIVE way. Picture yourself having already achieved it. Think how you would feel if you had already achieved it. How would you walk and talk and act if you had already achieved it? Think about it and act it out in reality. Do not worry about HOW you are going to achieve it, leave that a power completely  higher than yourself. Just know that by thinkingthoughts-2 about your goal in a positive way and having faith and persistence will get you to where you want to get.
It has to because we become what we think about it.

Do your utmost best to avoid all negative thoughts in your mind. Do not judge yourself. Do not criticize yourself or bring yourself down in anyway. Do not feel anxiety or fear towards what it is you are trying to achieve. Go into it with the relaxed and positive mind set about the entire ordeal.
“Act as though it were IMPOSSIBLE to fail”.

In addition to this, you are going to have to cultivate this new way of thinking. A new habit of sort. You need to reprogram your mind for success. By doing this you have to think about yourself in a positive way as well. Create thoughts in your mind such as:

“I am a good person”
“I am happy”
“I am wise”
“I am wealthy”
“I am attractive”
“I am generous”
“I am successful”
“I am <Insert something positive here>  “.

Don’t be afraid to boast about yourself in your thoughts. Build yourself up. Convince yourself that you are an amazing human being because you ARE! You have worth. You have a reason for being alive here today. Do not forget that. Remind yourself of it every day. Think about the type of person you dream of being with all the qualities you want Imagine yourself ALREADY HAVING them in your life and act the part of is.
For example, imagine yourself having a lot of confidence and begin living your life as if you already have it. Act the part and it will become real. What was in your mind’s eye will become a reality.

Because…we become what we think about.

Now with this drive to inspire your mind to think more positively, you have to build this into a habit. This habit will form the foundations of your subconscious and thus have an impact on your day to day life. In order to cultivate this habit you need to ensure that you keep your thoughts in check. After all the human mind is capable of thinthoughts 5.jpgking up to 60,000 thoughts a day!
While many of them are the same…how many of them are negative and self-defeating? And how many are positive and actually serve you?
While there is no sure fire method of IMMEDIATELY extinguishing all negative thoughts from your mind, you will need to put in the effort to sort out, stop and replace negative thoughts in their track as if they were ants heading towards your cake.

This will take effort but you have nothing to lose from this and only a world to gain.

These are some techniques you can employ to start taking more control of your thoughts and develop the habit of positive thinking.

Recognize your thoughts:

Start becoming more aware of the thoughts that come into your mind. Start developing a more conscious awareness of the thoughts that pop into your mind. Do not just let them invade your mind passively. Notice the ones that pop up regularly. Determine if they are serving you or hurting you. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge any negative thoughts you may have. If there are negative thoughts you are having regularly, think back to your past and try to identify where the idea of this negativity stemmed from. Remember your worth and do not be afraid to dive into your psyche.

Stop and replace:

Once you’ve developed an awareness of the thoughts that are in your mind and recognize when the thoughts are not serving you. When the moment arises that you are aware of a negative thought in your mind. Be it self-criticism, comparisons to others or anything you has the potential to upset your peace of mind, say to yourself “STOP!” You can say it aloud, as a whisper or even mentally. If that is not enough for you, tie an elastic band around your wrist and snap yourself with it whenever you have a negative thought. Not too hard mind you, just enough to snap you back into the reality you want for yourself. Stop the thought in its tracks and realize that you are in control your thoughts and nobody else. Once you’ve stopped it, replace with something positive. Something to be grateful for. Something you love about yourself. The goal you are striving to achieve.

Keep the goal nearby:

Straight from the mouth of Earl Nightingale, when it comes to keeping your thoughts focused on your goals. Take a piece of card and write your goal on it. Make sure it is specific and clearly defined. Look at it every chance you get. Remind yourself of it often and keep your thoughts trained on it. That way you will have the motivation to run towards your goal. Give more of yourself in the pursuit of it and go into with a relaxed positive attitude with the belief that you will be successful. In fact, he even goes on to say ‘You’re already a success the moment you write it down’. If that does not encourage then I do not know what will.

Do not be afraid:

There may be little whispers in your head that create doubts in your capabilities. Ideas that you cannot achieve what you want in life. That you cannot amount to what is it you want or become the type of person you want to be. IGNORE THEM!
You may have failed in the past and you may even fail again in the future. But a failure is only a failure once you quit. Each failure can lead you closer to success. Should you keep a positive mind-set towards your goal, no amount of failure or fear of failure will deter you from attempting or continuing in the pursuit of it.
Shakespeare himself said “our doubts are traitors that make us lose the good we oft’ might win by failing to attempt”. As covered earlier, we become what we think about. If we create a positive mind set. Only allow our mind to think what we permit it to think about, which is positive and worthwhile thoughts in your own growth and development then that is the only possible outcome. Have faith in yourself. Push yourself. You have nothing to lose only a world to gain

Now it is up to you. Your mind is waiting for you to use it. Start working on your thoughts from this very moment. Consider what it is you want in life, whatever it may be (without contradictions). Write it down. Look at it often. Think about it habitually in a relaxed and positive way.  Picture yourself attaining that goal in your mind’s eye. Think about the type of person you want to be. Tell yourself that you are that person and begin to play the part. Do more towards your goal than you have done in the past because without actions you cannot achieve results. Do not be afraid of achieving success. Do not allow fear to debilitate to such an extent that you simply do not bother to take action.

Do not be afraid to change your life for the better.

Do not be afraid of trying this if you have not heard of these ideas…after all…it is considered to be ‘the strangest secret in the world’.




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